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Mechanical Engineering (the Co-op Office)

McNamara Alumni Center (Job Fair)

Lind Hall (Interviews)



The closest parking ramps to Mechanical Engineering and Lind are:

The closest parking ramps to the McNamara Alumni Center are:

Other East Bank Parking Ramps


The Metro Green Line East Bank stop will drop you off at Church Street, a short walk to the buildings.


If you find yourself at an unfamiliar location on campus, use your phone map app's walking directions to get to the buidling.


This East Bank printable map shows the parking ramps and lots, light rail, and the buildings.

Mechanical Engineering Building Location (Co-op Office is located in Room 1120)

mechanical engineering  building

McNamara Alumni Center (Co-op Job Fair)

McNamara Map

Lind Hall Location (Interviews in Suite 5, located in the basement)

Lind Hall


Mechanical Engineering Building (Co-op Office is in ME1120)

McNamara Alumni Center (Job Fair Location)

Lind Hall (Interview Suite in the basement, Room 5)

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