Accepted Students Instructions

Below is a timetable of the events and tasks after admission to the Co-op Program. More details of these items will be given to you in your acceptance letter.

  1. Be sure to seriously examine how a 2- or 3- semester Co-op position will impact your graduation date BEFORE you continue on with the preference list and interviews. More than one student has rejected a match that could have gone to another student because they hadn't considered the impact on their graduation date. On a side note, every employer the Co-op has asked the question of "Is it important that a potential employee graduate in 4 years" the answer has always been that they value relevant work experience over the speed of getting through college.
  2. Begin searching and applying for Co-op positions in Goldpass/Handshake. Most engineering co-op positions should be listed with the following naming convention: "CSE Co-op Employer – Title of Position." However, if you do find co-op positions that interest you in Handshake with different titles, you may apply to them and attempt to bring them into the program if the employer and position meet our requirements. Please email with any questions in that regard.
  3. Interviews are scheduled and conducted directly between employers and students. They may be virtual or in person and this will vary depending on the preferecnes/procedures each employer has in place for their hiring processes.
  4. If you do accept a job offer, please submit the Job Status Form in order to gain course registratrion access for the first semester co-op course relevent to your major.
  5. Currently, there are some extra steps to be taken because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If your employer wants you to work on-site/in-person during the pandemic, you will need to submit this remote work exemption form to the Provost's office as soon as you accept a position. This will also need to be repeated for each semester you work a co-op during the pandemic. If your employer will allow you work fully remotely for your co-op position durint the pandemic, you would not need to be aproved for the exemption listed above. Prooof of either exemption approval or fully remote work will be required in your co-op courses in order to earn credit during the pandemic. You can also visit our COVID Policies page for more details or email us at with any questions.