Accepted Students Instructions

Below is a timetable of the events and tasks after admission to the Co-op Program. More details of these items will be given to you in your acceptance letter.

  1. Attend the Job Fair. Read more information in the Job Fair section.
  2. Download the Co-op Calendar to your Google Calendar so you don't miss important deadlines or events.
    1. To download the calendar, click on the Google Calendar button on the lower right corner of the calendar and follow the resulting instructions. To see the calendar in a list view, click on 'Agenda' in the top right corner of the calendar. If nothing shows up, click 'Look for more' until events start to appear.
  3. Complete the mandatory Interview Etiquette Canvas Workshop. All students admitted into the Co-op Program are required to complete this short Canvas workshop before the interview week. In this online course, you will learn the basic techniques for successful interviewing, as well as how the Co-op interview process works.  You will be added to this course when you are accepted into the program.
  4. Review the employer job descriptions and submit your interview preference list by the due date. You will get a link to the job descriptions in your acceptance letter and you will create a list of employers you would like to have interviews with. The Co-op office will use this list to create your interview schedule. The Co-op office will schedule you with interviews with as many employers as possible on your list. You may also have interviews with employers not on your list, because they have expressed interest in you, after reading your application. We do our best to get each student at least one interview, but we cannot guarantee that due to the employer requirements, your availability, and the number of interview slots.
    1. Be sure to seriously examine how a 2- or 3- semester Co-op position will impact your graduation date BEFORE you continue on with the preference list and interviews. More than one student has rejected a match that could have gone to another student because they hadn't considered the impact on their graduation date. On a side note, every employer the Co-op has asked the question of "Is it important that a potential employee graduate in 4 years" the answer has always been that they value relevant work experience over the speed of getting through college.
  5. Prepare and attend your scheduled on-campus interviews—if you miss an interview without notifying the Co-op office beforehand, you will be dropped from the Co-op Program.
    1. Fall Semester Interview Week is at the end of October and early November. We will schedule your interviews around your schedule, but the more available you are, the more interviews you are likely to be scheduled for.
    2. Spring Semester Interview Week is held during Spring Break because scheduling without the conflict of classes is much easier and students are more likely to get interviews with employers higher on their preference list.
      1. If you are unable to attend interviews during this week, you will still fill out a preference list and your interest will be forwarded to the employers. The employers will then contact you for an interview, if they are interested. It is not guaranteed, however, that you will receive any interviews if you are gone during the Spring Break interview week.
  6. Second interviews. The employers may contact you for a second interview at their location. Not all employers participate in the second interviews.
  7. Rank the employers you interviewed with in the order you would like to work for them. Submit your Hiring Preference form by the due date specified on the Co-op calendar. You will not be matched with a company that you do not list.
    1. This is the last point at which you can drop out of the interview/matching process without jeopardizing your future in the Co-op Program. But if you have gotten to this point, dropping out should be for an unexpected or unusual reason.
  8. You will be notified if you have been matched with a Co-op position about 3 weeks after the on-campus interview week. Althougn we do our best to place as many students as possible in a co-op job, some students may not receive a job position due to employer interest and number of available positions. The applications of the non-placed students will be made available to employers who still have open positions they are seeking to fill after the matches. 
    1. If you drop out of the Co-op Program after being matched with an employer, you will not be allowed to participate in the Co-op Program in the future.