After you have read through this webpage and have determined that you are eligible to apply to the Co-op Program, then go to the Application Process page.

When to Apply

Students are encouraged to apply to the Co-op Program late in their sophomore year. Students applying during their junior or senior year may need to extend their graduation to accommodate their Co-op work sequence.

Applicant Requirements

  • Be an undergraduate CSE student in one of the majors in the Co-op Program.
    • Graduate students are not eligible for the Co-op Program.
  • Be in upper division OR
    • Be within a semester of being accepted into CSE upper division, meaning you are applying for upper division during the same semester you are applying to the Co-op Program
    • You may not register for 3041, the first Co-op course, or begin work as a Co-op, until you are officially accepted into upper division.
    • Biomedical engineering students have to be officially accepted in their major before they can interview.
  • Be in good academic standing
    • Students on academic probation will not be admitted into the Co-op Program.
  • Be in need of technical elective credits
  • Have at least two semesters remaining after acceptance into the Co-op Program
  • Must commit to at least two semesters of working as a Co-op student.
  • Major-specific information can be found on the FAQ page.

GPA Requirements

Biomedical No minimum gpa required but the student will have to have completed the junior year and have completed all 3xxx BME classes before beginning work.
Chemical 2.5
Computer 2.4
Electrical 2.4
Industrial & Systems 2.5
Materials Science 2.5
Mechanical 2.5
Sophomore/Lower Division with intention to major in ME, ECE, or ISyE 2.8 Technical GPA
Sophomore/Lower Division with intention to major in Chemical Engineering or Materials Science 3.2 Technical GPA
Sophomore/Lower Division with intention to major in Biomedical Engineering Not eligible to apply. Must be accepted into the major first.


Transfer Students

Transfer students can now apply in their first semester of CSE. Employers, however, are allowed to decline  interviewing students until they have a UMN GPA. REVISED, 9-19-19.

Applying Multiple Times

Students may apply and interview no more than three semesters. Students that have not acquired a co-op position after three recruitment periods should focus on completing their degree and will not be allowed to apply for a fourth time.