International Student Paperwork

These instructions are specific ONLY to the Engineering Co-op Program and NEED to be completed BEFORE the START of EACH working semester.

International students in F-1 status are eligible to participate in the Co-op Program and work legally in the United States with Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. 

  • International students must complete one full academic year of full-time coursework and must be pursuing an academic program to be eligible for CPT.

CPT Authorization

DO NOT start the CPT/ISSS paperwork until you have accepted the job offer. Once you have accepted the job offer, start the CPT authorization right away! A separate CPT authorization needs to be completed for each working semester, even if the working semesters are consecutive. This process needs to be completed before the start of each working semester.

Do not delay starting on the paperwork! Students cannot begin employment until the CPT authorization is processed.The CPT authorization takes 7 business days to administer by the ISSS office and another 5 business days by the Co-op office (longer if submitted during the semester break). International students should communicate this time restraint with his or her employer so the student’s start date does not have to be pushed back to allow time for CPT authorization.

Questions? Send them to

Paperwork required by ISSS:

Go to the ISSS website to get the instructions and specific forms, if they are not linked here.

  1. Student Request and Academic Adviser Verification form
    1. For the purposes of the co-op CPT, Dr Frank Kelso,, will serve as the academic advisor for signing the paperwork.
  2. Financial Certification statement (if I-20 financial information will change by greater than 25 percent)
  3. A completed CPT form, signed by Frank Kelso, the director of Co-op Program.
    1. The CPT form must be completed by the student and dropped off in the Co-op office for the director’s signature. If you cannot make it to campus, you can email the completed form to
    2. Allow 5 business days for this to be processed (this may be longer if submitted between semesters).
    3. A sample copy of a completed CPT form is in the Co-op office.
  4. Approval Letter from the Co-op Office. Submit the Co-op Approval Letter Request form as soon as possible after accepting the Co-op job offer, because it can take up to a week for the approval letter to be created. You can submit this at the same time you work working on the CPT.
    1. This letter will be emailed to you as a PDF.