Resume Writing Tips

Writing an Effective Resume

A resume is an essential part of any job search and is something that you will use and modify throughout your college career and beyond. A resume is often thought of as the first impression, and is especially important for students and employers that do not attend the Job Fair as it is a significant tool employers use to choose students to interview. Your resume should be a compelling summary of your education, skills, and work, volunteer and leadership experiences.

Writing Tips and Guidelines

  • Write in a consistent style
  • Keep your resume updated
  • Use action verbs and avoid using "I"
  • Use bullets or lists rather than complete sentences or paragraphs
  • Make sure your resume is visually appealing and spaced evenly on the page. Avoid excess white space
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Have someone else review and proofread your resume
  • Only include true, relevant information
  • Keep the resume to one page. It is easier for employers to view and practically, at this stage in your career, you don't have enough content to go over one page.
  • Make sure the electronic file of the resume you submit or email is a pdf. A Word document's formatting often changes when opened by a word processing program or version different from the one you used.

This is a very brief overview of resume writing. You can get more information at the CSE Career Center in 105 Lind Hall and be sure to take advantage of the Career Center Counselors to critique your resume.

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