Majors in the Program

The Engineering Co-op Program provides industrial experience during the last two years of a student's academic career. During this period, students complete two or three full-time industrial assignments alternating with regular academic semesters.

  • More than 120 students interview each year
  • Over 40 companies participate in the interview process each year
    • Note: The above figures are based on pre-pandemic times

Engineering Majors in the Co-op Program

The Engineering Co-op Program was started in 1950 by the Mechanical Engineering Department as a joint effort between the University of Minnesota and engineering firms to provide students with the best education possible. In 2005 the program expanded to include Electrical and Computer Engineering. Industrial and Systems Engineering joined the program in 2016 and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in 2017.

The Majors in this Co-op Program

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Other Engineering Majors Not In Our Program

Some engineering majors have their own co-op programs and you can find the links hereor contact the department directly.