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The Engineering Co-op Program connects the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering with engineering firms across the nation. It is designed to provide students with the best education possible while exposing each student to a variety of engineering experiences within a given company. The program attracts many of the best students in the college. With their strongly directed interests and motivation, Co-op students contribute solidly to the employers for which they work, and the Co-op experience engenders noticeably greater maturity in the students.

Involving students in diverse work situations during the last two years of their academic career, while helping them improve their technical writing skills and professionalism, is a unique opportunity for both industry and students. During this time students complete either two or three full-time work periods interpersed with semesters of full-time academic coursework.

Co-op Employer Requirements

  • The student must work for at least two semesters (a third semester is optional).
    • The student cannot work only summer semesters. At least one semester must be a fall or spring semester.
    • The student cannot work 3 semesters in a row unless given permission by the Co-op Program Director.
  • The student must work full-time during those two or three semesters.
  • The position must be related to the student's major.
  • The student must be paid a competitive wage.
  • The Employer Agreement has been submitted, agreeing to pay the program fee.

How to Find a Co-op Student

There are two ways to find a Co-op student and participate in the Co-op Program.

  1. You have already found a student, through a career fair or job posting. Then go the Direct Hire Co-op Student webpage and follow the instructions.
  2. You do not have a Co-op student and would like to participate in the Co-op Program, which will give you access to qualified students. You should post your position in Handshake by following the posting instructions. Then read through the Interviewing and Hiring Process of this website.

One-semester Positions for Experienced Co-op Students

If you would like an experienced Co-op student for a one-semester position (either for an internship position or because your poted position did not receive sufficient interest), we can put you in touch with students who want to work another co-op semester.

Students can be in this position because some employers have only a 2-semester co-op program, but students in the Co-op Program are allowed to work 3 semesters. So at times there are some students who have worked 2 co-op semesters at an employer and want to work a 3rd semester for the experience and the technical elective credits. In hiring an experienced 3rd semester Co-op student, you would be agreeing to pay the $800 Co-op fee.


The Co-op program does not actively fill summer-only positions or 1-semester internships outside of our 3rd Semester Co-op Student option. Per request, we can also post the opportunity on our Job Postings page but we would also advise you to post it on GoldPASS.

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