Direct Hire Co-op Student

Sometimes employers will find their own Co-op student outside of the Co-op Program's Handshake job posting process and hire them directly, such as:

  • They hire a student from a job posting.
    • Some employers have job postings that need to be filled outside of the Co-op Program's Interview Week. Your 'off-season' job posting can be housed on your website or you can also post it on the University's Goldpass Database.
  • The employer has hired the student directly through a general career fair.
    • This is a common way for out-of-town employers to find Co-op students. Students who are interested in out-of-town positions are often more proactive in securing these positions early in the semester. 
  • The employer has an intern student that they would like to hire for multiple semesters and become a Co-op.

The Co-op Program can admit the student to the Co-op Program provided:

  1. The student meets the Co-op Program's eligibility requirements.
  2. The position meets the Co-op Program's employer requirements.
  3. The employer submits an Employer Agreement, if one is not already on file.
  4. The employer sends an email to the Co-op Office,, letting us know the student's name that they would like to hire as a co-op student and the semester that the student will start working.
  5. The student needs to follow the directions on this page, Student-Found and Direct Hire Co-op Position to complete the admittance to the Co-op Program.

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December 15, 2020