Employer Agreement

Employer Agreement

The New Employer Agreement Form provides basic information about the employer and position(s) that are likely to be filled by a Co-op student, in addtion to an agreement to pay the Co-op fee. This agreement needs to be completed prior to participation in the Co-op Program. It only needs to be filled out once; however, if it has been 3 or more years since the employer has particpated in the Co-op Program, then a new agreement should be signed. 

Fee Payment

The Co-op Program charges participating employers a fee of $800 per Co-op student per work semester (about 90 cents per hour). This fee allows the Co-op Program to provide continuous service to the students and employers without cutbacks at the University negatively affecting the program, as has happened in the past. 

Payment is required for participation in the program but only after a student has started their working semester. Invoices are mailed in the middle of the semester. We encourage employers to read the Student sections of this website to gain knowledge about the Co-op Program from the student's point of view.

We hope that your company will participate in the Co-op Program. We feel that the opportunity for industry to evaluate students in diverse situations over two years' time is a valuable selection process unique to the Co-op Program. The Co-op staff looks forward to maintaining a strong rapport with you and your company throughout the Engineering Co-op Program.

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December 18, 2020