Interview Week Registration

Interview Semesters

The Co-op Program hosts two interview weeks throughout the year: fall and spring semesters. The fall interview week takes place during a regular academic week so student interviews have to be scheduled around classes. The spring interview week is held during the University's spring break, so scheduling is less complicated.

There is a one-semester lag time after registering for the interview week before a student is able to work; therefore, employers need to interview students at least one semester prior to the work period (also called a work semester).

Registration Form

The Interview Week Registration is broken into 2 parts:

  1. The date/time of interviews in the online form.
  2. The job description in a pdf form.

The online forms are created in Google Forms. If your company blocks Google applications, you can contact the Co-op office for an emailed form. You can read more about the University/Google collaboration and privacy here.

The Job Fair registration is included in the Interview Week online registration form. There is no charge for participating in the Co-op Job Fair.

Interview Week Date & Time Details

  • Select the day(s) and times you plan to interview on campus.
  • You may register for half a day or multiple days.
  • There are ten interviews per room per day. Each interview is 30 minutes long according to a pre-set schedule.

Registration for a particular day closes when all rooms are full.

  • Eleven interview rooms are available.
  • The interview rooms will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

After your registration has been processed, you will be able to view the Interview Room Schedule via email, once complete. As long as there are rooms available, you can change your interview time up until you submit the list of students you'd like to interview.

Job Description Details

You will need to provide a full job description of the available Co-op positions at the time of registration. The employer job position descriptions are distributed to all students who have been accepted into the Co-op Program; the students use them to determine which employers to interview with that semester.

The Job Description form will ask you for:

Location of the Co-op work site.

  • Some students do not own a vehicle, so if you are located on a busline, this is helpful information to include in your job description.
  • If you are located outside of the Twin Cities area, students will be more inclined to consider your company if you include housing information and unique characteristics of the area.

The number and type of positions open.

  • We understand that this number may change between the time of registration and Interview Week. You will have an opportunity to adjust these numbers when you create your interview preference list.
  • It is extremely important that employer representatives check with their Human Resources Department at the time they register and when the hiring preferences are submitted, to confirm how many students they can hire. It has too often happened that there was a change in an employer's Co-op student allocation, and it wasn't discovered until late in the hiring process. This has resulted in well-qualified students being denied work because all the available jobs had been taken. We understand that budgets can change; we just need to know up front so that students can rely on the information we give them.

The semester that the student(s) begin work.

  • Most students are be looking for positions that will be starting within 2 semesters of their interview.

If there is a required minimum grade point average.

  • Keep in mind a transfer student's U of M GPA will include only the U of M grades and not from the transfer schools, so the GPA may not give an accurate picture of the student's academic abilities.

Residency requirements (US Citizen, Permanent Resident, Student Visa)

  • An inaccurate response to this question will greatly affect the list of students interested or not interested in your company.
  • All students with visas in our program are legally able to work in the United States; no sponsorship by the employer is required.

Job Description

  • You will fill out a pdf form for the job description and this is what the students will view. You can then save the pdf document and reuse it in subsequent semesters, revising as needed. Please fill out a separate form for each unique position.

In your job description, we suggest that you include current information on the following as the more complete your job description, the more likely you will create student interest in your company and position.

  • Desired technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Description of your company's culture and work environment.
  • Testimonies of past Co-op students.
  • Key responsibilities of the job.
  • Training you will provide.
  • Why your company or organization is an exciting learning environment and a desirable place to work.
  • Links to online videos of your company
  • Promotional materials you would like to have uploaded to the employer folder the students view.

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