Tips for a Successful Co-op Program

We want both students and employers to have a terrific Co-op experience. Here are a few ways to help:

Aid Student Progress - Provide the Co-op student with a variety of tasks of increasing difficulty and responsibility as the work terms and Co-op student's ability progress.

Appoint a Go-To person - Assign a coordinator who understands the philosophy of cooperative education. The coordinator should be experienced in human relations, have complete knowledge of the employer's processes, and support the program internally and externally.

Provide guidance - Place the Co-op student under the supervision of a qualified engineer who can provide effective professional and technical guidance.

Fair compensation - Pay the Co-op student a competitive wage equal with his or her ability, experience and job responsibilities.

Encourage growth - Provide a professional work environment and experience by encouraging the Co-op student to participate in training, workshops, and other growth opportunities.

Broaden experience - Provide a variety of engineering experiences to the student. Demonstrate a genuine interest in integrating the Co-op student as a team member in your organization.

Communicate - Maintain open lines of communication. Provide feedback to the Co-op student throughout the work term.

Review - Complete a student Performance Review at the end of each term and send it to the Co-op office.

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